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Donations received July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Woodcock

Peggy and Rob Leeson
Horace A. & S. Ella Kimball Foundation
Louis and Susan Kirschenbaum
Mary Lemoine Potter Fund
Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Kate Barber
Jim and Joan Crothers, in memory of Patty Stout
Ellen and Lawrence Grebstein
Deborah Grossman-Garber and Jonathan Garber
Kathleen and Peter Hahn
Tom Keenan
Mary Ann Killilea, in memory of Marianna Rose Killilea
Cornelia and Charles Lewis
Elizabeth Marcotte and Llyod Feinberg
Patricia Moore and Guy Geffroy
Mary and Marc Parlange
Patricia and Gary Petersen
Eve and Martin Sadd
The University of Rhode Island College of Arts & Sciences
The University of Rhode Island College of Engineering
Meera Viswanathan and Eric Widmer
Natalie Zhu
Matunuck Oyster Bar

Allegro Music Consultants
Winifred Brownell, in memory of Tina Letcher and Patty Stout
Lea Embree, in memory of Patty Stout
Heather and Ronald Florence
David and Jane Kim, in memory of Tina Letcher
John Kirk
Stephen Letcher, in memory of Tina Letcher
Diana and Joe Lunin
Martin Maleska
David Mazzucchelli
Tom and Maureen Moakley
University of Rhode Island College of Business
Theodore Wachs and Carol Czaja
Mrs. Vera Wilson, in memory of Natalie Kim
Richard Woodhams and Kiyoko Takeuti

Gary Brownell
Elizabeth Cavanagh
Kit Champlin
Sue A. Champlin
Carol Cimilluca
Lodowick Collins and Marjorie Jackson
Sarah Dowling
Kate Flynn
Dr. Susan Hammen-Winn
Prue Holton
Michael Honhart
Leslie Kenney
Dr. Chang Lee
Ms. Susan Marcus
William Bennett Petersen and Anna Marie Peterson, in honor of Natalie Zhu
Tim Rancourt and Amy Dunbar
William and Sandra Rosen
Allen and Els Shine, in memory of Prentice and Patty Stout
Norma Smayda Staley
Chris and Tim Stout, in memory of Patty Stout

John Murray Wilson, in memory of Natalie Kim
Jeffrey W. Champlin
Anthony DiBella
Angelica Harter
Kenneth Holton
Peter and Linda Keil
Susan Kermes
Dr. Ethan Hillary Kisch and Dr. Helene Kisch-Pniewski
Dr. Bingxuan Lin
Mrs. Margaret Nardacci
Alan Santos and Jacquelyn Kanis
Deming Sherman
Gail and Robert Shields
Mary Tang
Carol Tobin
Björn Wellenius

Elaine Aberdam and Eran Makover
Carol Anderson
Emily Anthony
Norman and Ann Baker
George Bertholet and Katherine Long
Matthew Bodah
Peter and Joanna Bristol
David A. and Susan O. Brown
Maria Burdett, in memory of Patty Stout
Mr. Richard Friday, in memory of sweet Joanne
Joseph Friedman
Lincoln Hansen
Linda M. Hennessey
Lucille Jonason
Seth Kurn
Jeffrey Lang
Camilla Lee
Laurel Lefebvre
Pamela Rohland and Barry Levin
Robyn E. Levine
Mary Ann Lisi
Kathryn Mahoney
David Martin
Elizabeth McNab, in memory of Dave McNab
Bud and Peggy Middleton
Gerhard Muller
Judith Peterson, in memory of Diane Mennella
William and Jeanne Riley
Eileen Sadasiv, in memory of Helene Gersuny
Bob Schacht
Theresa Schimmel, in memory of Tina Letcher
Ken and Milly Sebesta
Linda and Sam Shamoon
Dr. Bruce Stevens
M. Beverly Swam, in honor of Winnie Brownell’s birthday
Amy R. Tabor
William Taft
Mr. Chik-Kwun Tang, in honor of Natalie Zhu
Mr. Jeff J. Tarakajian
Michael and Carol Tessman
Randy Watts
Mary P. Welch
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Wepmen
Lucy Werner
Joseph White
Merrily Williams and Rick Summers

Hisham and Margalit Aharon
Paul Carlson
Andrew Nation Davis
Douglas Fisher
Joe Galetovic
Arthur Hurwitz and Beverly Reuter
Thomas Kennedy
Larry Mandel
Diane McHugh, in memory of Patty Stout
Shaughnessy Robinson

Our Mission

The mission of the Kingston Chamber Music Festival is to engage audiences with outstanding chamber music performed by exceptional
world-class musicians and rising stars; to provide educational outreach programs to Rhode Island students; and to present concerts at affordable prices.