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The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Boston
Arthur and Martha Milot Fund for Kingston Chamber Music Festival
The Harold A. Winstead Charitable Trust


Donations received July 1, 2019 to September 10, 2020

Founder’s Circle (10,000+)
Rosalyn Sinclair
Peggy and Rob Leeson

Director’s Circle ($5,000-$9,999)
John Burkett
Sam and Lyndie Ersan
Betsy Marcotte and Lloyd Feinberg
Susan Marcus
Nancy Potter
Frances Sydney, in memoriam
Vera and Murray Wilson

Composer’s Circle ($2,000-$4,999)
Harold Bibb
Marjorie Jackson and Lodowick Collins
Deborah Grossman-Garber and Jonathan Garber
Susan and Louis Kirschenbaum
Cornelia and Charles Lewis
Patricia Moore and Guy Geffroy
Kathleen Peterson-Hahn and Peter Hahn
Pat and Gary Petersen
Kate Barber and Edward Pitoniak
Eve and Martin Sadd
Eric Widmer and Meera Viswanathan
Ken and Dorothy Woodcock

Angels ($1,000-$1,999)
Marilyn and Steve Aronow
Elizabeth and Roderick Cavanagh
Kit Champlin
Carol and Ed Cimilluca
Mary S. Eddy
Heather and Ron Florence
Geoffrey Gibbs
Ken and Sue Kermes
Susan Hammen-Winn
Colleen Holloran and Shaughn Robinson
Jianyun and Bing-Xuan Lin
Barbara Mariconda
William and Anna Marie Petersen
Harold Robinson
Beatriz and John Struck
Dunwoody Village Residents’ Association

Grand Benefactors ($500-$999)
Allegro Music Consultants
Patricia and Melvyn Blake
Mrs. Edward D. Eddy
Lisa Barsumian and Tom Farrell
Winifred Brownell
Kit Champlin
Joan and James Crothers
Gigi and John Edwards
Lyndie and Sam Ersan
Barry and Elaine Fain
Ellen and Larry Grebstein
Choudary Hanumara
David and Jane Kim
John R. Kirk
Jeffrey Lang
Beverly Hodgson and John Leventhal
Eve and Tom Keenan
Leslie Kenney
Tina and Steve Letcher
Linda and Angelo Mendillo
Martha Milot
Bishop and Mrs. Hays Rockwell
Sally and David Ryan
Mary and Sherwood Small
Michael Tessman
Sze Cheng Yang

Benefactors ($100-$499)
Michael Hartung and Ana Eiras
Rudolf Hempe
Mary and Tom Heyman
Jacquelyn Kanis and Alan Santos
Patricia Knight-Bellisle
Joanne and Bob Schacht
Ruby Shalansky
Allan and Els Shine
Henry and Roberta Veix
Carol Anderson
Anna Bernath
Nancy Blackman
Holly Fluty Dempsey
Kathy and Ted diStefano
Karen and Ron Erler
Lea Embree
Edward Famiglietti
Sharon and Frank Forleo
David E. Fastovsky
Dr. and Mrs. David N. French
Pamela and Brawner Floyd
Richard and Joanne Friday
Barbara A. Gaines and Richard D. King, Jr
Linda and Joe Galetovic
Richard and Angelica Harter
Morton Z. Hoffman
Barbara Harris and Seth Kurn
Linda Hennessey
Elizabeth Kroll
Marnie and Peter Lacouture
Eugene Mazur and Ellina Levina
In memory of Diane Mennella
Vahid Alavian and Barbara Miller
Joan and Graeme Newman
Elizabeth and Frederick Smith
Mary P. Welch
Dong Xie and Jing Peng
Ann S. Zartler
Eliane Aberdam
Judith Anderson
A Harry Cesario

Marjorie Ball and Anthony DiBella
Ann and Norman Baker
Hisham and Margalit Aharon
George Hein and Emily Romney
Robert and Katharine Schelleng
Rosemary and David Smith
Zimmerman/Fetzer Family Fund
Matthew and Catherine Sears
Gail and Robert Shields
Lisa Shamer
Jane Skogley
Gretchen White
Joan and Jay Beste
Arlene and Irwin Birnbaum
Matthew Bodah
David Boenning
Elizabeth Rounds and Robert Bonadies
Paul and Juliet Bongfeldt
Sam and Sarah Braun
Stephan Brumberg and Carol Ingall
Susan and David Brown
Gary Brownell
Dr. and Mrs. Jaime E. Chamorro
Anthony Checchia
Gary Ciminero, CFA
Jerry and Marilyn Cohen
Stephen F. Cummings, MD
Kathy and Ted di Stefano
John and Susan DeSantis
Carolyn Eastberg
John Eastman
Brian Ehlers
Bonnie England
Vic G. Dvorak
Elaine and Barry Fain
Janet Fernie
Ann Ferrante
Jerry and Joyce Fingerut
Joyce Flanagan
Lawrence and Rozanne Fuller
Kate Gillis
Amy and Bruce Goldstein
John and Carol Grandin
Lisa and Gary Harlow
Whit Hill
Thomas Hoagland and Deborah Kopech
E. Isaiah Hopper
Audrey Hallberg
Angela and Dick Harter
Barbara Harris and Seth Kurn
Carol and Michael Honhart
Rosie Hopper
Pamela and David Hunter
Susan Kaemmerlen
Jacquelyn Kanis and Alan Santos
Helene Kirsch
Edie Klem
Betty Kornitzer and Ken Richard
Heidi Kranz and Nikolas Gvosdev
Sylvia Krausse
Linda J. Kushner
Dorothy and Edgar Leduc
Michelle and Chris Little
William A. Loeb
Diana and Joseph Lumin
Kathryn and Jack Mahoney
Dudley Mann
Susan Marcus
Elizabeth and David McNab
Pauline Metcalf
Bud and Peggy Middleton
Brian Mitchell
Amy Oshiro-Morales and Ricardo Morales
Virginia Morrision and Dan Anker
Theo and Steve Munson
Carolyn M. Nally
Sharon Pavignano
Peter and Arlene Piacquadio
Lucy Mueller
Amy Paulsen and Bert Nalle
Vikki and Jerry Nault
Nancy Nicholson
Sandra Owens
Marie and George Pamental
Drs. Donna M. Cone and Robert E. Potvin
Thomas and Elena Powers
Marie Quinn
Alexandra Reynolds
Linda and Hays Rockwell
Sandra and William Rosen
Joyce Rosenthal and Sumner Alpert
Pam Rohland and Barry Levin
Marie and Laurie Pamental
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Reardon
Paulinka de Rochemont
Bonnie Ryvicker
Eileen Sadasiv

Joanne and Robert Schacht
Robert Schelleng
Betty Scott
Linda and Sam Shamoon
Cynthia and Gardiner Shattuck
Jane and Deming Sherman
Harlow Sires
Dotty and Jerry Starr
Bruce and Carol Stevens
Jane O’Connell Stich
Barbara and Konrad Streuli
Norma Smayda Staley
Joyce and Bob Starr
Patty and Prentice Stout
M Beverly Swan
Amy Tabor
Judy and William Taft
Mary Tang
Katie Tetreault
Susan Van Ness
Carl and Susan Valenstein
Lee D. Vincent
Carol Czaja and Ted Wachs
Wendy Warburton
Bjorn and Myriam Wellenius
Lisa Shamer and Craig Wiggins
Dora Waters
Barbara and Randy Watts
Tracy and Tony Weisman
Mary P Welch
Deborah and Barry Wepman
Lucy and John Werner
Donald Williams
Patrica and Aaron Wold
Janice Wright and Nick Korentis
Ora Wry
Patricia and Robert Yarnall
Patricia and Mario Zangari
Don and Judy Zeyl

Sustaining (<$100)
Ellen and Bob Bildersee
Sylvia and Donald Hampton
Peter LaFreniere
Carol Leith
Christine Sidler
Edith and Irving Ziegler
Karen Beauchesne
Charles Gardner
Linda Gardrel
Suzanne C. Lindgren
Paula Morrissey
Hisham and Margalit Aharon
Carol Anderson
Emily Anthony
Ann and Norman Baker
Jane and Henry Burr
Gwynne and Douglas Campbell
Pat Cerbo
Eliza Collins
Donald Conner
Marjorie Ball and Anthony DiBella
David Flanders
Barbara Holtzman
Kitty Cook and Donna Hutchinson
Edward Duffield II
Ann Dunham
Rosemary Enright
Marilyn Jablonski
Thomas Kennedy
Stewart Kiritz
Peter LaFreniere
Normand J LeClair
Camilla Lee
Robyn Levine
Jack Mahoney
Matthew Young and Sara Mierke
Marilyn and Mark Moffett
Eleanor and Peter Nalle
Margaret B. Nardacci
Linda and Robert O’Neill
Sandra and John Owens
Helen Reid
George Hein and Emily Romney
Robert and Katharine Schelleng
Rosemary and David Smith
Joan Skeffington
Stacey Snow
Lisa Spraragen
Karen and Greg Steinmetz
Karen Stein
Denise and Ted Winston
Marie Younkin-Waldman
James Zant
Cigale Ahlquist
David and Rebecca Brown
Pat and Bill Crandall
Roland Desrochers
Mary Freeman
Walter and Mary Gray
Carolyn Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. George Rollinson
Lynne and Stephen Hale
Ilse Hill
Roberta A. Levin
Marilyn Malina Paula Rampone
Ira Schaeffer
Ann Seemann
William J. Sullivan
Padma Venkatraman
Joseph Turco
Zimmerman/Fetzer Family Fund

Our Mission

The mission of the Kingston Chamber Music Festival is to engage audiences with outstanding chamber music performed by exceptional
world-class musicians and rising stars; to provide educational outreach programs to Rhode Island students; and to present concerts at affordable prices.