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Donations received July 1, 2021 through July 1, 2022

Lyndie and Sam Ersan
Natalie B. Kampen Endowment Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation
The Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust
Peggy and Rob Leeson
Rosalyn Sinclair

Patrick and Irina Gage, in honor of Natalie Zhu
Deborah Grossman-Garber and Jonathan Garber
The Horace A. Kimball and S. Ella Kimball Foundation
Betsy Marcotte and Lloyd Feinberg
Susan Marcus
The University of Rhode Island College of Business
The University of Rhode Island Office of the President
Meera Viswanathan and Eric Widmer
Vera and John Wilson
Dorothy and Kenneth Woodcock

Kate Barber and Ed Pitoniak
Joan and Jim Crothers
Holly and Jim Dempsey
Heather and Ron Florence
Ellen and Larry Grebstein
Kathleen and Peter Hahn
Colleen Holloran and Shaughn Robinson
Marjorie Jackson and Lodowick Collins
Susan and Louis Kirschenbaum
Cornelia and Charles Lewis
Matunuck Oyster Bar
Patricia Moore and Guy Geffroy
Patricia and Gary Petersen
Mary LeMoine Potter Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation
Eve and Marty Sadd
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts
The Aaron Roitman Fund for Chamber Music
The University of Rhode Island College of Arts & Sciences
The White Family Foundation
The Harold A. Winstead Charitable Trust

Marilyn and Steven Aronow
Winifred Brownell
Kit Champlin
Gigi and John Edwards
Michelle and Christopher Little
Martha Milot
Elizabeth and Dan Reardon
Beatriz and John Struck
Tasca Automotive
The University of Rhode Island College of Business
Washington Trust Bank
Natalie Zhu and Che-Hung Chen

Lisa Barsumian and Tom Farrell
Sarah and Wentworth Boynton
Elizabeth and Rod Cavanagh
Carol and Edward Cimilluca
Stephen Cummings
Dan and Malia Curran
Susan Hammen-Winn
Mary and Tom Heyman
Prudence and Ken Holton
Carol and Michael Honhart
Seth Jacobson
Carol and Charles Kaufman
Eve and Tom Keenan
Leslie Kenney
Sue and Ken Kermes
John Kirk
Edith Klem
Chang Lee
William A. Loeb
Diana and Joe Lunin
Arthur and Martha Milot Fund for Kingston Chamber Music Festival
Christine and Gerhard Muller
Jane Nash and Raymond Langton
Amy Paulsen and Bert Nalle
Steven Schneider and Leslie Martin
Gail and Robert Shields
Patty Stout
The URI College of Engineering

Joan Abrams
Allegro Music Consultants
Arrowhead Dental Associates
Ellen and Robert Bildersee
Bob Valenti Auto Dealerships
Brightview Commons
Jeffrey W. Champlin
Donna Cone
Carol Czaja and Theodore Wachs
Anthony DiBella
Heather Johnson
Betty Kornitzer
Priscilla Lee and Burchard Tang
Joseph Matoney
Maureen and Tom Moakley
Joan and Graeme Newman
Kathleen Odean
Kurt Olsson
Carol Reiss and Samuel Beale
The Rhode Island Foundation
Julie Rogers and Len Berman
Eileen Sadasiv
Els and Allan Shine
Norma Smayda Staley
Jane Stich
M. Beverly Swan in honor of Winifred Brownell
Mary and C.K. Tang
Susan M. Walsh

Margalit and Hisham Aharon
Fran Alexakos, PHD
Carol Anderson
Ann and Norman Baker
Marjorie Ball
Matthew Bodah
David Boenning
Kathleen Bouthillier and Ted Distafano
Alexandra Broches and Darrell Matsumoto
Gail Broome
David A. and Susan O. Brown
Gary Brownell
David Browning
Virginia Chapin-Sheff and Rick Sheff
Martin Chaplin
Ann and Alfred Crompton
Baigal Darambazar
Susan and John DeSantis
Maralyn and Edward Dettmann
Maryann and Brian Doyle
Rosemary Enright
Ann Ferrante
Eulalia Grace Frenzel and Leonard Kahn
Mary and Walter Gray
Green Ink
Barbara Harris and Seth Kurn
Laurie Heineman and Ron Millican
Linda Hennessey
Howard Hofmann
Karen Holmes
James A. Hopkins
Rosita Hopper
Donna Hutchinson and Kitty Cook
Ethan Kisch and
Helene Kisch-Pniewski
Heidi Kranz
Ying Xue Li
Katherine Long and George Bertholet
Kathryn and Jack Mahoney
Janice and David Martin
Pauline Metcalf
Margaret and Albert Middleton
Virginia Morrison and Dan Anker
Lucy Mueller
Marie and George Pamental
Carol Parisi
Sharon Pavignano
Donna and Samuel Perelman
Judith Peterson in memory of Diane Mennella
The Right Click
Linda and Hays Rockwell
Sandra and William Rosen
Joanne and Bob Schacht
Jane and Deming Sherman
Barbara and Konrad Streuli
Amy Tabor
Deborah and William Timby
TLC Coffee Roasters
Wakefield Books
Wendy Warburton
D. Randolph Watts
Tracy and Tony Weisman
Mary P. Welch
Lucy and John Werner
Joseph White
Patricia and Robert Yarnall
Patricia and Mario Zangari
Ann Zartler

Leslie Baker
Patricia Knight-Bellisle
Liliane and Frank Birch
Paul Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Jaime Chamorro
Joseph H. and Mary Ann Conley
Wynne Cougill
Martha Crum
Carolyn Eastberg
Judith Falconer
Edward Famiglietti
Joyce Flanagan and Gary Stoner
Mary Freeman
Vida-Wynne Griffin
Mary B. Hall
Thomas Hoagland
Mary Logan
Ellie and Peter Nalle
Jeanne and William Riley
Kenneth Sebesta
Lisa Shamer and Craig Wiggins
Linda and Sam Shamoon
Patrick Skeffington
Bonnie Slobodien
Elizabeth Smith
Karen Stein
Carol and Michael Tessman
Denise Winston
Patricia Wold

Our Mission

The mission of the Kingston Chamber Music Festival is to engage audiences with outstanding chamber music performed by exceptional
world-class musicians and rising stars; to provide educational outreach programs to Rhode Island students; and to present concerts at affordable prices.