The Kingston Chamber Music Festival advocates for, provides instruction in and exposure to chamber music…

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KCMF is pleased to share video lessons designed to help educators meet the ever-changing challenges of teaching music…

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A scholarship to be awarded annually to a music major at the University of Rhode island. The recipient is chosen by the…

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“Music Enhances

the education of our children by helping them to make connections and broadening the depth with which they think and feel. If we are to hope for a society of culturally literate people, music must be a vital part of our children’s education.”

– Yo-Yo Ma


In addition to presenting chamber music concerts, the Kingston Chamber Music Festival advocates for and provides exposure to chamber music through programs in regional schools.  These include masterclasses, lessons with our musicians, and programs designed to enrich curricula in other disciplines such as writing, art, and mathematics.

Our new music education program for 2023-24 will focus on broadening the relationships with regional schools, increasing our presence through the academic year, and creating links between our summer festival and other disciplines.

The Kingston Chamber Music Festival also offers master classes each year to Rhode Island music students. These intense coaching sessions with festival artists deepen the selected students’ musical understanding and sharpen their playing skills.  If you are interested in having musicians from KCMF visit your classroom, or offer a performance, please contact us at: 

KCMF also offers a scholarship to one University of Rhode Island music student each year.  This student is carefully selected by committee.
Please visit the Scholarship page for more information.


KCMF is pleased to share video lessons designed to help educators meet the ever-changing challenges of teaching music, nurturing a love for music and strengthening the skills and concepts necessary for students to become musically literate adults.

Music Magic Part 1

Join cellist Clancy Newman as he celebrates the magic of music in this entertaining and educational video. Geared for students in grades K-2, Clancy demonstrates the ways that music can change the listener’s mood, represent sounds in the real world, and inspire the imagination of the audience. The string family is introduced, as is the concept of pitch, illustrating how composers and performers use high and low sounds to communicate with the audience.  (Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting)

Length: 12 minutes

Music Magic Part 2

Cellist Clancy Newman builds on the concepts and themes presented in his first Music Magic Video. Primary grade students will be encouraged to engage their imagination, allowing music to conjure a scene or to tell a story. Clancy also relates the music students are hearing to the composers responsible for creating it. (Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting)

Length: 12 minutes

Rap without Words – Video 1:

In this video, cellist Clancy Newman demonstrates how to compose a Pop song by layering a melodic motif over the underlying beat. He enhances the song further by adding a backbeat, Latin and Hip-Hop rhythms, a bass line, and harmonic interest, utilizing a variety of bowing, plucking, and percussive techniques.

Length: 11 minutes

Rap without Words – Video 2:

Cellist Clancy Newman builds on the pop song he composed in Video 1, continuing to add additional stylistic elements to the mix. Here Clancy demonstrates how the cello can mimic a variety of musical styles.  He also introduces the importance of form, pointing out the verse and chorus sections, connected by the bridge. With the help of visual clues, viewers are encouraged to listen for and identify all the necessary elements of a successful song.

Length: 12 minutes



In 2004, the Kingston Chamber Music Festival established a scholarship to be awarded annually to a music major at the University of Rhode Island. The recipient is chosen by the faculty of the URI Department of Music. Congratulations to all our recipients!

Congratulations Lisa Nguyễn Bùi Gia An, our 2023 Kingston Chamber Music Festival Scholarship Recipient! Lisa is a music performance major in classical piano. A native of Vietnam, she has lived in Rhode Island since 2022.

While Lisa began playing the piano at three years old, she did not have any formal training until high school. Despite her unconventional path, she was always drawn back to the piano. Today she trains with Manabu Takasawa who prepares her for performances like the Piano Texas Festival where she performed this summer in the Van Cliburn Concert Hall and learned from musicians like Fabio Bidini, Akiko Ebi, Đặng Thái Sơn, Andrey Ponochevny, and Tamas Ungar. She aspires to follow in the footsteps of these teachers to move her audience with a balance of technique and emotion. Lisa values the kindness, empathy, authenticity, humor, generosity, and connection that music can share. She views emotion as the most important part of a performance and feels rewarded when she is able to move her audience through her music. 

After achieving her degree, Lisa wants to share her music as a performer, travel, and meet other inspiring musicians with whom she can connect. Someday, Lisa wants to give back to her community in Vietnam. She dreams of opening her own academy to help combat the socioeconomic barriers to learning piano in Vietnam and make the instrument more accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

Lisa remains fascinated by the process of preparing for the stage and how her instrument pushes her to grow and discover. She shows unmistakable passion for piano performance and the power of music in her life. KCMF is thrilled to present our scholarship award to this driven and inspiring young performer and eager to see her continue to flourish.

Other notable achievements include Recipient of The Chaminade Scholarship Festival 2023, 1st Prize (Grand Prize Finalist) Young Soloist International Competition 2022, 1st Prize The New York International Classical Music Competition 2022, Second Prize Winner Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition 2022, Honorable Mention Award at the USA —Classical Music International Competition 2022, Semi-Finalist of Music International Grand Prix Competition, Semi-Finalist of King’s Peak International Music Competition, Special Mention Award Medici International Music Competition 2022, 2x Recipient of Susan Cunningham Campbell Endowed Scholarship 2020, 2021.